Telemedicine Program

Atlas Sleep Center has a full service Sleep Telemedicine Platform that is covered by most insurances.
We provide new patient consultations, and follow-up consultations to review test results and therapy outcomes through Sleep TM via a live video session with one of our sleep providers.  Furthermore, home sleep testing and sleep apnea therapy can be delivered by mail to eliminate a patient's need to travel.
Sleep Telemedicine is a cost effective and time efficient method for providers and their patients and lends flexibility to people in rural areas without a lot of access to sleep medicine providers.

What to Expect

A telemedicine visit is very much like that of a face to face visit. Once we receive a referral from your provider you can expect the following to occur:

  1. Our referral coordinator will call to schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you
  2. New patient paperwork and login instructions will be sent via email
  3. Our billing coordinator will verify benefits and the need for authorizations, etc.
  4. The day of your appointment you will have a face to face video visit with one of our sleep medicine providers
  5. Your sleep and medical history will be reviewed with you
  6. Educational materials and handouts will be used during the visit
  7. A detailed plan and visit summary will be sent after you visit
  8. If a sleep study is needed, we will mail one to your home with pre-paid return label
  9. Follow-ups will be scheduled as needed and will follow the same structure as a new patient video consult