Diagnostic Testing

Atlas Sleep Diagnostics has a state of the art testing facility.  We offer in-lab sleep testing as well as home sleep testing.

In-Lab Testing

Our two-bed sleep center is equipped with the latest recording technology and equipment integrated into a warm home-like bedroom for patient comfort.  Our professionally trained sleep technologists provide a thorough education to each and every patient upon arrival and monitor the patient throughout their stay.  In-lab sleep testing is a comprehensive evaluation of a person's sleep, which may include sleep-disordered breathing as well as other sleep disorders.


Home Sleep Testing

We continue the state of the art testing we provide in-lab to all of our patients that qualify for a home sleep test.  Our home sleep test devices are sleek, easy to use and provide a quality evaluation of possible sleep-disordered breathing with 96% accuracy compared to an in-lab sleep test.  Our professional trained sleep technologists provide a thorough education on the set-up and use of the device during a clinical visit in addition to written and video instruction once the patient arrives home.