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Atlas Sleep Diagnostics is a locally owned sleep center committed to working with providers and patients within the community. We know that the future of medicine is built on a foundation of trust and partnership between patients and providers and working together will bring us closer to our common goal of improved health, quality of life and an increase in disease management and prevention!

We center our patient care around education, ensuring that each patient is well informed of their options for diagnostic and treatment approaches pertaining to their specific diagnosis and needs. Our board-certified sleep physician and medical director, Dr. Jakdej Nikomborirak works closely with our physician assistant, Jonathan P. Clemens to provide efficient and thorough patient care. Their care is met with the expertise of our board registered sleep technologist who provides additional education and instruction centered on PAP therapy and interface fitting and sleep testing. Our entire team is passionate about helping patients achieve optimal outcomes to allow for improved sleep and life quality!

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